Bus Dude by Benjamin Eugster.

I’m not a professional writer, so I apologize for the very amateur manner of writing. I tried to keep it simple and true.. all of these stories are real and I experienced it, this is no b*llshit… hehe hope u like it..


My experience happened on a friday night, on an air-con bus going to monumento. I live around the north area of qc so i have to take this bus, no more MRT at around 1 am, and the driver of our car has already left. I’m not a cab type of person since i tend to sleep when im alone and its a bit dangerous. I think more people is safer.

I took this bus after a gimik with friends in ayala. The bus wasn’t full at all, there were at most 10 people inside it when i got in, so i sat on the 3-seater seat just behind the driver; and the ride started.

In Guadalupe, around 10 mins after i got in, there was this guy who got in the bus. He’s around 5’7″, wearing a cap and a jacket over him carrying a backpack. Looks like he’s going home after working or something. He had a mysterious aura around him; too mysterious that i automatically think he’s a holdupper or something. He looked around the bus trying to find a seat, and with the number of people in it, i don’t think it’s difficult to find a seat, then he looked at me. I was surprised and tried to focus my look on something else but then, he still sat beside me. I was scared then…

While traveling, Ican sense that this guy was looking at me, and im bothered with it. I mean the way he looks, he was trying to hide himself from me with his cap. But I ain’t that stupid not too know that he’s lookin, I was still looking outside since I had the window side and he has the aisle side. I was trying to sense if he has something in mind or if he seems to be a bad guy. He was acting totally strange but I was still figuring him out. Puzzled with his look, I realized he wasn’t looking at my face or me. He was STARING at my crotch. I wasn’t aware that i was having a boner at that time, and he was looking at my bulging crotch. I felt funny and weird so i pulled my thing up so its not that curved, but when i did that, he looked at me straight in the eyes and smiled, or i think it was a smirk. Nonetheless, i liked how he looks. I was thinking like “fuck off! Jericho Rosales!!” As in he looked like him!! And knowing I’m a Diether fan, it didnt bother me a bit.

I smiled back and his grin got bigger exposing his braces in his lower set of teeth. A turn on!! Then, it came to me. How could a holdupper afford braces? then maybe he’s not. I was teasing him by rubbing my thighs with my palms and giving him a “horny” look in my face. And I guess that turned him on. ‘Coz he whispered something, and I wasn’t able to hear it so i asked him “ha?” he repeated “sabi ko, hey” then i said hey…then he asked me where am I going, sabi ko north edsa…monumento daw siya…and knowing were still in shaw, i thought we could do something…but wait, I’m not the privacy of my own car, this is a bus for crying out loud, but did it bother him? no! He asked me how big was my tool, I was puzzled and murmured “seven”, “talaga? pwedeng makita?” and i was speechless, for him to have the guts to say that…and he asked me, hawakan ko na lang kung ok lang…and i dunno what got into me, but i grabed his left hand and put it on my crotch…ok lang coz his bag and jacket was blocking the sight of anyone who would come near…and he put his hands inside my pants, he didnt even unbutton or unzip me, it seems like he worked his way in it…fuck, I was totally hard at that time…lucky for me!! He asked me if I can try to massage his thing as well, I was hesitant, but what the hell, ur hands are in my pants already, so i put my right hand in his pants rubbing ang feeling whats inside it. We were doing that for 10 whole minutes since there wasnt anyone getting on or off the bus from ortigas to cubao.

We took our hands out of each other’s pants when we reached cubao since we took the ibabaw and a lot were going on in the bus. After crossing aurora, he put his hand back and this time, he was licking my ears, and that made this thing were doing a bigger risk since maybe people at the back can see us, but what the heck, i was having too much pleasure to think about that. i can’t hold this any longer, I unzipped myself and took my thing out. He was so amazed at what he saw that he used his jacket to cover himself and gave me a head! a good one actually. After a couple of minutes, I knew I was cumming. I was squeezing his arms and rolling my eyes around. The 10 seconds of pure nostalgia ended when i finally came in his mouth. HE SWALLOWED!! He rose up and tried to relax himself. Tang ina! I can’t believe I did that in a bus. He was still looking at me and smiling, and i was like…hello?! do u have a name? can i get ur number? but those words in my mind weren’t coming out of my mouth!! shit!! not now!! hehe.

When we reached Muñoz, i have to alight the bus, so i just excused myself and did. I was looking at him from where I was standing and he was looking back at me. I was thinking maybe this guy will alight the bus too and maybe have breakfast with me since tropical hut is open 24hours. The next thing I knew was this bus was passing in front of me, and there he goes…bus dude was gone, with no traces at all… How i wish i could’ve done more things with this jericho rosales lookalike. Well, that’s life! I just shared what happened to me!! You guys take care. By the way, it’s really exciting and fun to do it in a public place!! haha!! That’s so not me, but I guess sex has its own ways, just like love… 🙂 ciao!!


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